Paradise Cove, Ca

about me

I'm a technologist focusing on IT operations, infrastructure and tech strategy with a penchant for coding in Python, HTML/CSS and now exploring JS. When I'm not wrenching on tech or hacking on code I can usually be found laughing with my kids, swinging a golf club, looking through the lens of my camera, tinkering with electronics, lighting up some wood or briquettes on my smoker or fishing on a body of water. I've also recently started teaching myself to play the piano with a goal of diving into the world of synthesis.

I'm presently the Head of Technology for Fuse Media overseeing IT, Post Production and Broadcast Operations (resume).

geek tinkerer electronics coder golfer photog fishing baker bbq-smoker father husband

This site serves as a place and home for random musings, an extension of various hobbies and whatever whim I decide to toss out into the meta. I'll share information on projects, hobbies, professional pursuits, and well just about whatever else I decide to throw forth and contribute. It is also a proving ground for me to test new technology concepts and to try and stay abreast of what is happening in the world of web technology.