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posted: Sat, Jun 3, 2023 | tagged: | | photo
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photog incoming...

Lensbaby backyard photo

I am reposting an image I captured a while back and shared on IG previously. I was rummaging through some of my feed and stumbled on this and wanted to share it here. I'm planning on getting out for a photo walk this weekend, and using an art lens like the Lensbaby sweet 35.

The Lensbaby lenses certainly require practice. The typical holy trinity of light (shutter, aperture and ISO) don't quite line up the same way when working with these manual art lenses. The bottom line? Probably 4-5 attempts to get one good photo. But in the end, the result is rather dreamy and fun.

This image was captured on my Nikon D7500. I've since upgraded to a Sony Alpha a7R III, and I look forward to further play with the art lenses.

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