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You've landed on my own personal corner of the w3, so I welcome you to my humble ether-based abode. You may stumble across a bit of dust and scaffolding here and there as I continue to add to and expand on the content in this site. I'm using it to share projects with friends (and the rest of the w3) and to serve other use cases that happen to suit my fancy and feed my need for tinkering.

Head on over to the projects area to look at some of the ongoing activities, and I'm presently posting a bit more regularly to my blog.

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a wedding
a wedding | posted on Mon, Jul 24, 2023
it would seem I went and did a thing, and photographed a wedding
syntax highlights, the 11ty way
syntax highlights, the 11ty way | posted on Mon, Jul 10, 2023
simplified syntax highlighting thanks to a plugin from 11ty
favorite linux packages
favorite linux packages | posted on Wed, Jun 28, 2023
a selection of packages that make Linux my favorite experience overall

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