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posted: Thu, Jun 15, 2023 | tagged: projects | dev | electronics | fec
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Code and reference Fritzing diagrams

I'll be keeping this document relatively evergreen, posting updates as I identify other useful resources and materials for use in the club and with these projects. So please check back at later dates should you find this repository useful.

freenove component references

raspberry pi (official)


Adafruit is an amazing company owned and operated by a female engineer with tremendous passion that is surrounded by a great community. I shop and learn with them frequently. They also maintain CircuitPython and fund its ongoing development. They have a great ecosystem of microcontrollers as well.


SparkFun is another interesting company. I have bought product from them in the past and check in with them regularly. Their tutorials and learning sections have been a great help.

other inspirations

python resources

other resources

  • tio - A simple serial (and efficient) device I/O tool

further readings

book suggestions

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