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posted: Thu, Jun 22, 2023 | tagged: | | tinkering
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Tinkering with eleectronics

to tinker, or not to tinker? that is NOT the question!

I once worked for a gentleman who actually figured me out. He and I didn't always see eye to eye on the best approach to move forward with a technology strategy direction or a means by which to streamline operational processes, and often times those differences could get somewhat contentious. But they were always productive and useful as the different perspectives gave us important insights.

And of the various reporting relationships I've had in my career, this particular individual would have been the last person I'd have thought would understand what I was about.

I was working on developing a program management approach around a cost savings initiative the company was undertaking. The teams were all heavily burdened, and we needed to figure out a lean and mean approach that simplified reporting, the sharing and selection of initiatives so as not to further burden taxed resources. And while I was working through concepts and illustrating my thought process, he just sat back and said "Ah, you are a tinkerer."

That revelation rather floored me. I've always known that about myself, but I'd never quite labeled that quality as succinctly or plainly. And it was almost comical how one word can so quickly summarize the way I work. I like to tinker with things. I like to try out an idea in different forms and shapes, see how they feel, what sort of issues come up, then refine and deliver on a rationalized approach.

For me it is a form of play. But it also compliments the way I think about problems and projects.

Ah, you are a tinkerer.

This website and the projects contained herein are a reflection and extension of that work style. I get to tinker. Using a SSG, building and teaching electronics and Python/CircuitPython, monkeying around with a tidbit of code, standing up a cluster in my home lab, or messing around with Docker or Ansible? Baking bread and getting into the art and science of it? Photography? Tinkering. It feeds that part of the brain and scratches the curiosity itch well.

A cluster waiting to be born

And yes, I'm really going to be building a cluster for my home lab. More on this to come in the not so distant future. It will likely feature K3S (Kubernetes) and host a bunch of containers. I am a geek, and wear that badge with pride.

The root of this is, I like to stay curious and want to continue to learn new things. I can get obsessive with this trait at times, and even burn myself out on topics by diving in too deep too quickly. But I'm learning to temper that enthusiasm so as not to subvert it.

so what's next?

Well, in short, lots of things. I'll post updates in my blog and in the projects sections of the site, so peek around to see what I am up to. You can also reach out on my socials if you want to collaborate on something.


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