Upgrade to Eleventy 2.0

posted: Sat, Jun 3, 2023 | tagged: | | dev | web
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upgrade time...

eleventy config screenshot

As previously mentioned in my post about using a Static Site Generator, I decided to upgrade 11ty to version 2.0 to take advantages of the efficiency gains and streamlined build, along with the new features offered by the new version.

I followed a clean article by Dana Byerly and leveraged the 11ty Upgrade Helper plugin which made very quick work of the effort. Thanks to keeping all of my code in Git, I could easily revert the changes if needed.

The process went off without a hitch, and was completed in a few quick steps.

  • Use NPM to install @11ty/eleventy@2
  • Use NPM to install @11ty/eleventy-upgrade-help@2
  • Add the upgrade helper to my .eleventy.js file
  • Execute a build and read through the output to look for errors (of which, there were none!)
  • Remove the helper from my .eleventy.js file
  • Use NPM to uninstall @11ty/eleventy-upgrade-help@2
  • (Optional) Use NPM to remove the unneeded browser-sync module

I then ran a new build, which updated my package.json file, checked in my code, and done!

With all of the upgrades I've performed in my IT career, which has been going for more than a minute, this was probably one of the smoothest I've ever encountered.

Hats off to the team at 11ty for a great experience.

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