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posted: Wed, Jun 14, 2023 | tagged: | | dev | web
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time to club up on this one

I seem to have stumbled onto something a bit unexpected. I was chatting with some coworkers recently, and mentioned some of the passion projects in which I've recently been investing more time. These projects are at the intersection of Python, electronics, microcontrollers and a dash of robotics.

Simple electronics on a breadboard

My coworkers were very interested in this concept, so I offered to teach them what I know and to get them off the ground with this topical area. So here we are. I'm chronicling the project here on my site.

You can learn more about it on the friends electronics club project home page.

My goals for my own endeavors are to start building small robots using microcontrollers as the brains. I'll hopefully build in some degree of autonomy, but the intent is to learn while I work, have fun and see what comes of this.

I can promise you won't see me on Battlebots anytime soon. That is not the goal!

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