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posted: Wed, Jun 14, 2023 | tagged: projects | dev | electronics
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a bit of background...

Welcome to a repo of sorts. This will be home to a collection of electronics projects with which I am teaching a few friends some of the basics of microcontrollers, CircuitPython, electronics and by extension general Python programming, oh and a dash of Linux and git along the way.

At the heart of our projects is the Raspberry Pi Pico W microcontroller which we will flash with CircuitPython firmware.

This microcontroller can be leveraged in all sorts of electronics projects from simple sensors to line following robots and beyond. With the added WiFi capabilities, this device can talk to various different services on the web or in your own home network.

Other boards capable of running CircuitPython may be used, but will likely require code modification or may not have the same functionality as the Pico W. Consult the documentation for the board of your choice prior to jumping in.

diving in...

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